The JTS 新太阳城 is open to the public. Proof of vaccination and a valid ID is required to enter JTS.

Individuals wishing to view 新太阳城 exhibitions may enter, 无须事先预约, 新太阳城工作时间. We also welcome groups for curator-led tours.

Learn about 新太阳城 exhibits and events.



  • 周一至周四上午9点.m.–6:00 p.m.

The 新太阳城 is closed on all Jewish holidays and on the following national holidays: New Year’s Day, 马丁·路德·金. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. 


The 新太阳城 is freely open to the public. Those without JTS IDs must present proof of vaccination when entering JTS. 


Bring your laptop and use The 新太阳城’s robust Wifi. There are no public computers available for use.  


Please contact one of our reference librarians at 或者拨打(212)678-8844. They will be happy to answer questions or help you with what you need. 


JTS students must validate their JTS ID card at the Registrar’s Office at the beginning of each semester and present it to JTS 新太阳城 staff. 

新太阳城会员资格. Please speak with one of the librarians for details.


Your JTS email ID and password can be used to 登录  to Makor, our online discovery tool, to access full-text articles, ebooks, and Hebrew text databases.  

Your JTS 新太阳城 Borrower Card number and pincode can be used to manage retrieving and borrowing printed materials. 联系 新太阳城 staff to get your Borrower credentials. 

  • 从仓库订购一本书 (i.e., place a hold on that book): Click on “Sign in” on the upper right corner of the Makor screen and, with your 新太阳城 Borrower Card number and pincode, 登录您的帐户. Then search for item, click on “Location,” click on “Request,” and complete the form. You will be notified when the item is available for pickup. 
  • 续借: Log in to your account, click on “Loan,” select the item for renewal, and click “Renew.新的截止日期将会出现. Items can be renewed up to three times. 
  • 逾期书籍及费用: No online activity may be conducted for overdue books.


  • Lost or damaged book fees are the cost of the book, plus a processing fee. 

For more information, please contact the circulation desk at or (212) 678-8844.


查找课程阅读资料 e-储备,JTS学生可以 在这里登录.  


The JTS 新太阳城’s mission includes contributing to the education of the broad public. We encourage partnerships and loans of items from our collection for exhibitions at established museums, libraries, and similar institutions. For consultation regarding items in our collection 哪一个 might be appropriate for your exhibition, please contact our librarian for 特殊的集合 at


Our reference librarians are available to help you in person, or you can contact them at or (212) 678-8844. 研究指南 可用于许多学科领域. Reference services are available from 8:30 a.m. 至下午6时.m.   



The JTS 新太阳城 provides 馆际互借 (ILL) services, allowing users to obtain materials that are not at The JTS 新太阳城. Any user with borrowing privileges at The JTS 新太阳城 may use this service. (JTS students and faculty have borrowing privileges at Columbia University, therefore The 新太阳城 does not make ILL requests for items found in the Columbia University libraries.)  

Libraries wishing to borrow from JTS will be charged a $15 per item fee. Requests should be placed through OCLC. 

Reproduction 服务s and Permissions

The JTS 新太阳城 provides a full range of reproduction services. 请看下面我们的收费表. We provide permission to reproduce images or texts from our materials for books, 电影, 以及其他媒体. 发送申请表格至 

Digital Images (Including Rare 材料s and Archives)

原始的数字化Please contact


Note: 影印 are permitted of the general collection and archival material, with the latter subject to the approval of the archivist or library staff.

档案$1.00 /页
General 影印 (there is a photocopy/scanner available in The 新太阳城) $0.15个/页



Usage 费s for Film, Video, and Web Images


Note: There is a 5 percent levy on credit card payments.