Become a Rabbi at JTS

The Rabbinical 学校 education is rooted in spirituality and scholarship, preparing students to become transformative leaders in diverse settings across North America and throughout the world. 

Our programs combine serious learning with superior professional training, supported by a Jewish community deeply committed to tefillah, study, and practice. Students participate in immersive learning in Israel, spiritual mentorship, 实地考察, and a master’s level curriculum as they prepare for a life of sacred service.  

The rich academic resources of JTS allow our students to design highly individualized programs, combining their rabbinic ordination with a master’s degree in a specific area of Jewish Studies or Jewish education, as well the option for a certificate in Pastoral Care. The Block / Kolker Center for Spiritual Arts, an incubator for inventive approaches to prayer, is a unique resource for those seeking to deepen their own prayer experience and to revitalize prayer in our communities.

应用程序 Process and Deadlines

Applicants to The Rabbinical 学校 embark on a journey as they work with admissions staff, current students, and faculty to determine if JTS is the right academic and spiritual community for them. Learn about the process, from preliminary discussions to applications and interviews.

Candidate Profile  Preparing for The Rabbinical 学校  应用程序


Find more information about Hebrew language, 文本, and Talmud study; the year in Israel; master’s degree study; and ordination.

贝特米德拉什  Iyun


Prospective students are encouraged to attend an Open House or come to campus at any time. 招生 staff will help organize class visits, participation in daily minyan, and one-on-one meetings with students and faculty. 

Register for a 访问  Meet the 招生 Team

Professional Training

Rabbinical students pursue a yearlong field internship—guided by a rabbinic mentor—in one of five areas of their choosing and complete a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). Learn about CPE, internship placements, fellowships, opportunities for mentorship, and more. 

Center for Pastoral Education  奖学金  指导

学费, 金融援助, and 奖学金

The Rabbinical 学校 is committed to providing comprehensive financial assistance packages to qualified students. Find information on applying for financial aid, merit-based fellowships, and more. 

学费 & 费用  金融援助


10月 30

Tzohar: The JTS Rabbinical 学校 and H. L. Miller Cantorial 学校 Open House

JTS |招生

Learn more about JTS’s Rabbinical 学校 and H. L. Miller Cantorial 学校 at a special open house for prospective students.

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